You will find all Groupon services under thier own category when scheduling.

Groupon's will be redeemed a minimum of  24 hours

before your session. 




Skin Care Boutique


Simply Skin $55

Great for teens or those that want a quick pick me up facial.

Great place to start if you are unsure what service to pick!

Double Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask for skin type, & Hydrate.

(30 mins) 

Les Saison  $90

Series of 4 $340

 Your skin will be treated to products based on the season, the products change 4 times a year and is geared to keep your skin in optimal health. It includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, facial massage, nourishing mask, and hydration, leaving your skin uplifted and nurtured.


Clarify $85 

Facial customized for the needs of Acne clients. Deep Pore Cleanse, Extractions, High Frequency, Mask and Hydration 

Bloom of Youth $120

Series of 6 $660

Sit back as your skin is pampered with  anti-aging treatments. Skin is cleansed, gentle peel, micro-current treatment, mask and hydration. 

Enjoy the benefits of a face lift without the surgery. Micro - Current has been featured on Dr. Oz and Oprah as one of the safest and most popular facials.


To see optimal results, it is best to start with a series of 6 treatments.



Micro & Peel

Corrective for Hyperpigmentation, Acne Scarring, Fine Lines

$95 per session

$360 Series of 4

$540 Series of 6


Level 1 Peels

$70 per session

$260 Series of 4


*Vita Brite*

Please note that advanced peels can not be done on your first appointment. All Level 2 & 3 Peels require specific home care.

Level 2 Peels

$85 per session

$300 Series 4

*Lactic Clear Definer*

*Hydroxy 30*

Level 3 Peels 


$360 Series 4

*Sal Pulp Definer*

*Beta Plus* 

*Green Power*

**All Groupon's start with a Pumpkin Peel 

* Micro Current is not suitable if you have a pace maker, epilepsy, seisures of any type, pregnant, just recently had botox or fillers, acne or any type of plastic surgery.